June 28, 2013

What We Fund



We know there are many great organizations who work with families seeking to adopt children, and we want to provide support to the best of organizations. Moreover, we also have a heart for post-adoption family support, including programs or research that help mitigate the identity issues associated with minority children who are adopted by non-minority families. Particularly, we would like to fund programs that help white families who adopt black children to embrace the respective culture of the black child versus assimilation.


We firmly believe that if one is taught to fish, they can feed themselves and never starve again. Therefore, we aim to fund programs that provide creative solutions to small business start-ups, particularly in the African American and Hispanic communities. We are also interested in ideas that encourage female owned businesses, and leveling the gender playing field.


We are interested in programs and initiatives that help disadvantaged children and youth gain access to higher education, including after-school, mentoring, and tutoring programs. We are also interested in programs that teach at-risk students life skills preparing them for success in the broader community. We also have a heart for programs that reduce harassment and discrimination in schools, particularly anti-bullying awareness programs. Violence at school is becoming common place as young people become more mature earlier and act more aggressively; while at the same time, schools are not able to provide a safe learning environment. We seek to bring a voice to victims of school bullies. We are also very interested in programs that help minority boys and girls develop high technology skills through education, internships and mentoring preparing them for future employment in the technology fields.