This post contains information you may use in communications relating to your Salter Foundation grant, including foundation-approved copy about what we do  and key messages related to our mission.

Boilerplate copy

Standard paragraphs about the foundation you can use at the end of your news releases. Please include the following paragraph at the end of your press release:

“The Salter Foundation supports transformational ideas that promote adoption, advance entrepreneurship and support at-risk youth. The foundation believes that community and family thrives when God’s love is demonstrated to them in a practical and relevant way. For more, visit”

Key facts about The Salter Foundation

These facts and statistics can enrich your knowledge of The Salter Foundation and help make your publications more engaging. Please refer to our home page About section.

Key messages

The messages below are not meant to be used verbatim. They are intended to inform your communication about The Salter Foundation by presenting key points about our foundation.

  • Salter Foundation promotes adoption and support programs the connect children with adoptive parents.
  • Specifically, Salter Foundation advances innovative approaches, participants, leaders and spaces to foster entrepreneurship.
  • Salter Foundation advances at-risk youth education in the digital age, through an array of STEM projects and other initiatives.
  • Salter Foundation seeks projects that lead to transformational, sustainable change.
  • Salter Foundation believes that successful grants and initiatives require: discovery, vision, courage, tenacity and know-how.
  • Salter Foundation pledges to be approachable, transparent and responsive toward grantees and everyone else.
  • Salter Foundation experiments with digital technology and new grant-making concepts to connect with innovators worldwide.